Press Releases

Norsk Titanium Continues Growth Momentum, Expands Commercial Leadership to Meet Robust Aerospace Demand

Key executive roles staffed by aviation and defense industry veterans

Norsk Titanium and Alcoa Launch Joint 3D-Printing Technology and Industrial Cooperation Program

Collaboration focused on expanding market reach of Norsk Titanium’s game-changing technology

Norsk Titanium Accelerates Aerospace Certification by Issuing Contracts for Additional Rapid Plasma Deposition Machines

Norway’s Tronrud Engineering selected to produce the next wave of component qualification machines in response to aerospace industry demand

Norsk Titanium Signs Chip Yates as Vice President of Marketing

Aerospace innovator to lead worldwide marketing of the company’s patented Rapid Plasma Deposition process for titanium and other critical aerospace and industrial components

Norsk Titanium Appoints Chet Fuller Chief Commercial Officer

Company continues to enhance its leadership team to run the world’s first industrial-scale titanium 3D-printing facility in the U.S.

Norsk Titanium Sponsors Arden International Driver in GP2 Formula One Feeder Series

NTi, global leader in manufacturing premium quality titanium components for industrial applications, sponsors Norman Nato

Norsk Titanium Names Christopher Bohlmann SVP Operations

Appointment signals the company’s readiness to deliver the world’s first industrial-scale 3D-printing facility in the U.S.

Norsk Titanium Appoints Warren M. Boley, Jr. President & CEO to Lead Global Operations and Advance A&D Component Manufacturing

Company to establish the world’s first industrial-scale 3D-printing facility in the U.S.

Norsk Titanium Receives Investment from RTI International Metals, Inc. to Expand Market Reach of Its Advanced 3D Printing Technology

Investment to increase capacity to meet growing demand for complex titanium components

Norsk Titanium at the ITA Europe 2015

Norsk Titanium will attend, with several delegates, the Titanium Europe 2015 conference in Birmingham, UK from May 11–14.

Norsk Titanium at the Aeromat 2015 event

Norsk Titanium will be attending the 2015 edition of the Aeromat Conference in Long Beach, CA on May 11–13.

Norsk Titanium and Hittech Group Sign Cooperation Agreement

The two companies will support the European semiconductor market and other precision industries with high-quality 3D-printed titanium components.