Norsk Titanium Developing Larger Titanium Parts For Commercial Aerospace Using New Large Format RPD® Machine

HØNEFOSS NORWAY, March 1, 2024 — Norsk Titanium (Euronext: NTI, OTCQX: NORSF) a global leader in additive manufacturing for aerospace-grade structural titanium components using its patented Rapid Plasma Deposition® (RPD®) technology announces development using the company’s larger format G4L RPD® machine.

The company is already in recurring production using the proven G4B RPD® machine, which is qualified for both Airbus and Boeing applications. The company is now commissioning two larger format G4L RPD® machines to develop parts for one of the leading manufacturers in the commercial aerospace industry.

The first larger component produced for the undisclosed commercial aerospace manufacturer is 1.4 meters in length and weighs nearly 100 kg.

“Together with our customers and partners we are identifying more and more parts suitable for our additive titanium RPD® manufacturing process. We are already transitioning parts into production with our G4B machine, and the ability to produce larger parts on the G4L enables us to expand our market scope with the commercial aerospace OEMs further,” said Nicholas Mayer, Norsk Titanium Vice President of Commercial.

The G4L RPD® machine is an adaptation of the fourth generation G4B with an expanded print envelope. The G4L enlarged print chamber accommodates production of significant structural components of up to 1.9 meters, and the machine uses the identical process controls and printer head design as the proven and qualified G4B.

For more information, please contact:

Nicholas Mayer, Vice President Commercial, Norsk Titanium


Tel: +1 518 324 4010

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Norsk Titanium is a global leader in metal 3D printing, innovating the future of metal manufacturing by enabling a paradigm shift to a clean and sustainable manufacturing process. With its proprietary Rapid Plasma Deposition® (RPD®) technology and 700 MT of production capacity, Norsk Titanium offers cost-efficient 3D printing of value-added metal parts to a large addressable market. RPD® technology uses significantly less raw material, energy, and time than traditional energy-intensive forming methods, presenting customers with an opportunity to better manage input costs, logistics, and environmental impact. RPD® printed parts are already flying on commercial aircraft, and Norsk Titanium has gained significant traction with large defense and industrial customers